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Inspector West Building Inspector: Pre-Purchase Home Inspection In Perth

Professional Pre-Purchase Building Inspection In Perth


Before buying any home or property, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. A pre-purchase building inspection is an important step that you should never skip before buying, regardless of the size or cost of the property.


At Inspector West, we believe that pre-purchase building inspection should be a priority for everyone looking to buy a new home. It’s more than a way to make sure you’re protected against structural and regulatory failings – it’s a way to give you the peace of mind that you need to move in.


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What Happens During a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?


The goal of a pre-purchase building inspection is to identify any structural issues and safety defects that might lower the value of the property and make it more undesirable to live in.

Over the years of us doing pre-purchase building inspection in Perth, we understand the key parts inside and outside a house that need a thorough inspection.


Here are some places we’ll inspect, and how we determine their status:

Wooden Furnishings


While wooden furnishings are resilient to damage and other outside factors they’re also prone to damage that doesn’t show up on the surface. Wood can often have defects right under the surface that aren’t visible. We train our inspectors to identify and isolate weakened timber from frames, door jambs, cabinets, and other wooden construction.


Hot And Cold Spots


Using thermal imaging, our pre-purchase building inspection also looks for hot and cold spots that may affect your heating and other furnishings. Identifying these areas can inform you about potential areas that need fixing before you buy the property and set your expectations about day-to-day conditions once you’ve settled in.

Potential Vermin Infestations


Mice, insects, and other pests can often house themselves in hard-to-reach places and can be difficult to remove. We train our inspectors to recognise the obvious and subtle signs that show an ongoing infestation and recommend the best course of action with their removal.


Roof To Sub Floor Inspection


Our pre-purchase building inspection covers all external and internal parts of the house, from the state of the floors to leaks in the roof. This also covers the property’s plumbing, ventilation, organic features like gardens, internal heating, and other features and repairs that may have completed before your purchase.


Complete Electrical Layout


Electrical systems are one of the key pre-purchase inspections we tackle thoroughly. We inspect all outlets for grounding, voltage regulation, and compatibility with most electronics and appliances. This is crucial for older properties, since their electrical systems may require an overhaul to accommodate your needs.

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What Makes Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Different

With its mixture of contemporary and modern architecture, pre-purchase building inspection in Perth can be tricky. And while there are many inspection companies that you can hire, we at Inspector West believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Here are three reasons our pre-purchase building inspection is ideal for you:

Upfront Pricing

We will never tack on hidden charges or fees to your total bill. Once we’ve looked at the property, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll only have to pay the quote you agreed to and nothing more.

Innovative And High-Tech Tools

Aside from visual inspection, we also use gadgets like drones, thermal cameras, and other inspection technology to ensure that we get a comprehensive overview of the entire property inspection . This results in a more accurate and reliable report.

Easy-To-Understand And Comprehensive Reports

We don’t believe in overloading our clients with jargon. Our reports are clear, concise, and delivered to you within 24 hours after inspection.

We’ll highlight specific issues that we think are of the most concern, and any other issues you specifically ask us to look for.

Our commitment to personalised, high-quality, and affordable customer service is always available to anyone who may need pre-purchase building inspection in Perth.

We give you the confidence to buy and the ease of mind to move in!

For more information about this service and other pre-purchase building inspections in Perth, contact us or book online now.


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