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Inspector West Building Inspector: Helping You Make A Well-Informed Decision

Professional Building Inspections In Perth WA


At Inspector West, we don’t leave any stone unturned! We analyze and test every part of the residential & commercial property for potential issues, identify key areas that may need work, and give you a comprehensive overview of the exact state and value of the property you’re eyeing.


Each building inspector in Perth tests properties to the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1-2007), and our staff is no exception. We train, certify, and insure our employees to provide only the best building and pest inspection in Perth.

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What We Check During Building And Pest Inspection

We do a thorough sweep of every part of the property during our building and pest inspection,

including furnishings and other fixtures that may not have been part of the original building’s design.

Exterior Building Inspections


The exterior of the property has a significant effect on its value and determines how well it fits and tolerates its surroundings. Our building inspector in Perth will conduct their building inspection with the latest technology that can go to hard-to-reach areas, giving you more accurate information about the state of your exteriors.


Interior Building Inspections


All our interior building and pest inspection services check for visible issues on the surfaces flooring, plaster, and walls. We also check fixtures and furnishings like lining, electrical systems, and the overall stability of each floor’s internal structure.




Most joineries are made of wood, so they’re a prime target for pests and structural damage if left unchecked. Our building inspections always test any timber construction or wooden fixture for signs of pest infestation, dampness, or other damage that may endanger the property’s future occupants.

Wet Areas


Most building inspections in Perth WA will handle issues like plumbing and water pressure, but we take it one step further with a thorough evaluation of the fittings and other accessories that may be affected in wet areas. Aside from leaks, our building inspections can also cover special places in the property, like pools or gardens.


Exterior Improvements


Our best building and pest inspection also includes exterior fixtures like patios and walkways that see a lot of foot traffic and are more prone to wear and damage. If the property also includes areas like sheds or garages, our building inspections can also check them for any issues or damage.

Why Choose Us For Building Inspections In Perth WA

When you inquire about building and pest inspection in Perth, companies will give you a cursory run-through of the property, identify critical areas that need work, and give you a general estimate of the property’s overall value. But at Inspector West, we believe in providing high-quality building and pest inspection services which can give you the confidence to buy, or the knowledge to look for something better.


Each time we conduct a building and pest inspection in Perth, we follow a strict set of guidelines and standards that comply with building regulations set by the local government, our years of experience with evaluating properties, and the latest developments in the housing and construction industry. We package all of this into a detailed and easy-to-understand report, helping you make that crucial decision and safeguarding your investment.


So if you’re looking for a building inspector in Perth, contact us or book online now for a hassle-free consultation.

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Make Well-Informed Decisions For Your New Property

For new homebuyers, inspections play a huge role in the decision-making process. Without them, you could be investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a poorly built property. Fortunately, Inspector West can help you make the right decisions regarding your property.


Our skilled and certified commercial building inspectors in Perth perform a thorough sweep of your property, identifying any underlying issues and areas that need work. Contact us today to get a better look at what’s underneath your future home!

Our Building & Pest Inspection Services

Our building and pest inspection in Perth covers everything from furnishings and fixtures – even those not included in the original building design. Here is what else you can expect when you work with Inspection West.

Exterior Building Inspections


Building exteriors not only set the tone for your home design but also protect you and your family from the elements. Our Perth inspectors use advanced software and look at hard-to-reach areas to ensure your property is safe to inhabit. We also take note of any pressing concerns that require immediate attention.



Interior Building Inspections


Like your exteriors, home interiors play a significant role in making you and your family comfortable. To ensure that your home is livable, we inspect your flooring, plaster, and walls. Then, we take a closer look at your lining, electrical systems, and each floor’s internal structure.





Most joinery (such as stairs, doors, and windows) is made with wood, a prime target for pests and water damage. We thoroughly test timber construction and wooden fixtures for any signs of infestation, dampness, and general wear.


Wet Areas


We don’t just look at your plumbing and water pressure – we also evaluate fittings and other accessories that may affect your wet areas. We cover leaks as well as areas such as pools, fountains, and garden features.



Exterior Improvements


Homes with high-traffic areas such as gardens and patios are prone to wear and tear. We make sure areas like garages, sheds, and other outdoor areas can withstand repairs.

Why Choose Inspector West For Building Inspection In Perth?

While most companies that help out with a pre-purchase building inspection in Perth may look the same, this is how Inspector West stands out.

Comprehensive Process


We don’t just do what is expected of us – we go above and beyond to ensure our clients are confident in their decision. To do this, we create comprehensive yet simple and easy-to-read reports for you to review.


Cost-Effective Services

We understand how expensive it is to buy a home – not to mention all the fees, appraisals, and inspections you need to pay for! To help you save on your investment, we offer free consultations before providing a thorough inspection.

Work With Inspector West For Your Affordable Building Inspection

If you’re looking for a hassle-free building inspection in Perth, give Inspector West a call at 1300 080 554 or email us at We provide comprehensive services at affordable prices!