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Top 5 Critical Issues Found During Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-purchase building inspections are one of the most crucial parts of selling or buying a property. For prospective property buyers, considering pre-purchase building inspections can help identify the structural integrity and actual condition of a property. Those buyers considering pre-purchase building inspection can protect their real estate investment plans and make a thoughtful buying decision without coming across any potential structural challenges in the future. For sellers, considering pre-purchase building inspection allows you to identify and correct any structural defects before putting your offer on the table. Sudden or unidentified structural defects can also affect the promising deal or selling price finalised with the potential buyer. So, whether you are planning to buy a new property or want to list your property for sale, pre-purchase inspections can discover common structural or interior and exterior property issues.


Here are five common - yet critical - problems uncovered during a professional pre-purchase building inspection in Perth.


1. Structural Defects


One of the most common issues found during a pre-purchase building inspection is uncovering structural defects present in a property. Structural defects are underlying building issues that can only be found through property inspection. The most common reasons for structural defects can be due to general wear and tear, lack of maintenance, the age of the building, undetected leaks caused by poor roofing or plumbing, and poor ventilation. All these factors together contribute towards structural defects that can degrade the lifespan of a building. Furthermore, structural defects can also prove to be life-threatening and result in a collapse of a building. External environment factors can affect the foundation and other structural components. A building inspection can identify all the above-mentioned factors and offer you time to correct them before making a deal.


2. Plumbing Issues


A well-functioning and operative plumbing system ensures continuous water supply and peace of mind from potential issues. Although the plumbing system acts as an intricate component of a property, it is also one of the most common issues found on a building inspection report. Outdated or deteriorating plumbing systems can often cause a problem with water supply and drainage. Waste line issues and faulty fixtures are also some of the common plumbing issues found through pre-purchase building inspection. Such plumbing issues can affect the selling price and sale of a property.


3. Roof Damage


The roof is one of the most critical components of a house. A well-built roof has a long life expectancy and can protect you from outside elements. However, even the best roof will eventually begin to degrade after a time. A pre-purchase building inspection can determine all types of roofing issues - which may have gone previously undetected - and fix them easily before it causes any severe problems.


4. Electrical Issues


Another critical issue discovered by pre-purchase building inspection is electrical problems. The electrical system is one of the most essential household elements in a house. Any visible or underlying electrical issues represent life-threatening risks. Additionally, faulty wiring also represents a potential fire hazard. Therefore, you might want to consider hiring a pre-purchase building inspector to inspect the electrical system before buying the property.


5. Illegal Alterations and BCA Non-Compliance


A pre-purchase building inspection can identify any illegal alterations such as extra rooms, garages and extensions in a property. Such additional property extensions should comply with Australian building standards and require approval from the officials. If not, you could face the possibility of property being demolished or performing expensive repairs to bring them up to the desired building standard. BCA (Building Code of Australia) non-compliance is not considered a significant structural defect, so it might not be covered in a pre-purchase building inspection. However, you can ask the property inspector to change the sales contract and include the term ‘Building Code Non-compliance’ to protect yourself.


If you are looking for a professional and reliable pre-purchase inspection in Perth, get in touch with us today!


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