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Reasons why you should have your roof inspected

Pre-purchase building inspections are one of the most crucial parts of selling or buying a property. For prospective property buyers, considering pre-purchase building inspections can help identify the structural integrity and actual condition of a property. Those buyers considering pre-purchase building inspection can protect their real estate investment plans and make a thoughtful buying decision without coming across any potential structural challenges in the future. For sellers, considering pre-purchase building inspection allows you to identify and correct any structural defects before putting your offer on the table. Sudden or unidentified structural defects can also affect the promising deal or selling price finalised with the potential buyer. So, whether you are planning to buy a new property or want to list your property for sale, pre-purchase inspections can discover common structural or interior and exterior property issues.


Here are problems uncovered during a professional pre-purchase building inspection in Perth.


 Roof Damage


The roof is one of the most critical components of a house. A well-built roof has a long life expectancy and can protect you from outside elements. However, even the best roof will eventually begin to degrade after a time. A pre-purchase building inspection can determine all types of roofing issues - which may have gone previously undetected - and fix them easily before it causes any severe problems.


Ridge tiles often become loose or dislodged as a result of the breakdown of the original mortar after years of exposure to the elements - especially rain will enter any small crack and cause a general deterioration of other surfaces.


Ridge capping, Rebedding & Pointing


The condition of a ridge capping ultimately determines how waterproof this intersecting point on a roof remains. Cracked,broken or missing mortar can allow water to seep through the roof cavity, resulting in water damage to ceilings,insulation and the structure of your home.

Tiled Roofs are a durable,long lasting roof covering, but over time they are subjected to the constant extremes of the elements - wind, rain, baking sun and chilling cold. This eventually causes the mortar to breakdown to the point where it is reduced to a crumbling mass.


Movement of the roof also causes the mortar to eventually crack and break adhesion between the tiles and the ridge capping. A major cause of movement is the constant expansion and contraction of supporting timbers as they react to the changing extremes in temperature.

Weight and gravity also cause movement. Tiled roofs are heavy, which puts enormous pressure on supporting timbers. Over time, timbers can sag and even crack or break under the load. Gravity also creates a subtle but constant force that inherently tends to 'drag' the tiles slightly down the slop of the roof.


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