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Planning For a Pre-purchase Building Inspection in Perth? Here Are 6 Important Things To Look Out For

Buying a home embarks on a journey of making your dream come true. It is such an experience that starts evolving and unfolding from the moment you make the decision of buying a home until the point of selling it or passing it on to your next family legacy. From house-hunting to due diligence and from identifying the best builder to carrying out maintenance-related tasks, buying a home is a lifelong experience having multiple components. One such important component is the property inspection.


Accepting the offer of your dream home may seem like a cause for celebration, but things are not done just yet. After choosing the perfect home, the purchased property must get inspected by a reputed inspection company before taking ownership. Planning for a pre-purchase building inspection in Perth ensures that you get the home in the most promised condition and as per your expectations. If you have already started the process of buying a home, do ensure that the home inspection is carried out keeping several pointers in mind.


Here are two things you might want to give extra attention to during your home inspection process.


1) Roof


The roof is considered one of the most crucial parts of the home. Roof damages and issues are the major cause of weak ceiling and leakages. According to research, roof problems are responsible for 39 per cent of homeowners insurance claims. As the new buyer of the home, you have to ensure the condition of the roof is up to date. Find out how old the roof is and what the roofing issues. If there are any roofing issues, you will likely have to bring them up to the code. Check with your home inspector if they can ask the current homeowner to transfer the roof warranty to you with the purchase.


2) Water Drainage


Water is essential for the human body as it helps sustain us throughout the years. However, when it comes to the integrity of your home, it can turn out to be the biggest enemy. Water can cause potential damage to several parts of the home. If found to be in any vicinity of the house, you would want the water to flow away from the place, not towards it. Check the gutters and spouts around and in your house. if they are not functioning properly, it can damage the foundation.


Finding external water damage is quite easy with the help of visual inspection. However, the potential damage hidden inside a home’s walls is harder to detect. To ensure that your home is safe from water damage that can lead to the cause of mouldy walls, ask your home inspector to take some extra precautions by wielding an infrared camera. This will help you find water damage that exists beneath the surface of a home.


Require a pre-purchase inspection in Perth?


Over the years of performing pre-purchase building inspection in Perth, we understand the key parts inside and outside of a house that requires a thorough inspection. Our qualified building inspectors in Perth give you the confidence to buy the property and the ease of mind to move in!


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