Building Inspection

Looking Forward To Buying Your Dream Home? Here are 5 Reason Why You Should Opt For Pre-purchase Building Inspection in Perth

Buying your dream home is an exciting milestone. But, along with the feeling of excitement comes lots of anxiousness and stress. Working out on your dream home or business budget can be quite a task. You will want to make sure that you are buying something worth the money. During such times, a few things may seem to be challenging.


As a buyer, using a pre-purchase building inspection in Perth is quite essential. A home inspection can prove to be one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your life. It is important to scrutinise and inspect the property to help you save money and worry about things later on. According to a study, only 20% of people engage with a house inspection company to assess the home before they purchase.


The main objective of a pre-purchase building inspection is to locate major defects, structural defects, safety hazards, other minor maintenance defects and inform the potential buyer of them. They can even assist you with where the defects are located and how to rectify them. Most homes we inspect have major defects that need rectification to avoid further damage or deterioration of the home. The defects can be as simple as a cracked roof tile that may cause leakage or rotten stumps that may cause extensive internal cracking and sometimes floor unevenness.


We have listed five reasons why a pre-purchase inspection should always be an important part of your buying process:


1) Unreliable Building


If you are purchasing a home that is already established, you might not be aware of the property's construction process. Similarly, you might also not know who were the professionals that completed the task. If that workman carried out a less desirable job, then it could prove to be a major present problem. Our expert home inspectors will look at home integrity and identify if anything has been constructed in the wrong way. They can also help determine whether the poor work can affect the house value or not and if any repair work is required. Poor quality constructed property can be because of a lack of industry knowledge, cutting corners, and using inferior quality of building materials.


2) Structural Damage


When you consider a home inspection, you are provided with a report of the structure. The report will highlight the weaknesses within the structure of the home. Several factors such as poor tradesmanship, uneven foundations, or ground and pests are all major contributors to an unsound building structure. A poor building structure will not only make the home unsafe for you and your family but also resulting in unwanted, costly repairs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand any potential hidden expense that may come into the picture later.


3) Failure To Meet Building Codes


In Australia, all buildings need to be constructed in conjunction with the Australian Building Standards and codes. These codes help ensure the quality and safety of homes, business and those living and working within the property. In the case of non-compliance, the builder of the property is held accountable. There are no alternatives if one cannot prove that it is their workmanship. Once you sign on the dotted line of a property paper, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the home is up to these codes and standards. Our home inspectors will be able to assess the property, advise you of any non-conforming areas, and how to tackle such problems.


4)  Water Damage


Water damage: One of the most common issues that always present themselves during a home inspection. If a house has not been weatherproofed , it is common for humidity to be present in the building. Other potential contributing factors for the water damage can come from internal elements, such as gutters, showerheads, leaky pipes, or sometimes even faulty air-conditioning units. With the help of an inspection report, you will get a thorough idea of which areas of the home have suffered from water damage and what are the steps needed to rectify such a situation. Early detected water damage can be fixed easily. If left for a long time, they can lead to quite a substantial repair cost.


5) Termites and Other Pests


Water damage in a home also provides the perfect place for unwanted pests to reside. A termite infestation in the home can cost you thousands of dollars in treatments and repairs. If left untreated, it can result in severe structural damage to the property. Investing in a building inspection in Perth before you sign the papers, can save you thousands in the future.


At Inspectw, our building inspectors in Perth are some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the business. With us, your buying journey will be a breeze. Contact us or book online for your pre-purchase inspection in Perth today!