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Building inspection in Perth: 4 things every home buyer should know

Home or building inspection is an ideal choice for every home buyer. Read on to learn everything about pre-purchased building inspection in Perth.




After months of back and forth of house-hunting and attending open houses, you finally found your dream home. Already imagining the beautiful future with your family, you don't think twice before signing the dotted line and sealing the deal. You have moved in with your family and started with the unpacking job.

Within two to three days of moving, you notice the roof of the house is leaking profusely. Upon calling a technician, they inform you that the repairing job would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to fix. 


Such situations do occur in a real-life and can be quite overwhelming for you as a new buyer of the home. Therefore, it is important to scrutinise every part of the property and then make the final decisions.


Additionally, you also have to ensure that there are no significant hidden faults that may lead to any unplanned repair costs in future. Sounds like a daunting task, right? 


Such situations can be avoided if you consider a pre-purchase building inspection. If you are already thinking about considering a pre-purchase building inspection, you might already have tons of question-related to it. 


This blog will answer all your questions about getting a pre-purchase building inspection and help you make an informed buying decision.


4 Things To Know About Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


1. Helps Identify Structural Damage


The strength of any building structure lies in its foundation. A well-built foundation can help you stay safe during natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones etc.


The building should be constructed in such a way that keeps the ground moisture from seeping in so that it doesn't weaken the structure. 


However, when you ignore the structural issues while buying a home, it could turn out to be fatal and dangerous for you and your family. 


Buying a structurally damaged property means you are keeping the life of your family at stake. 


A pre-purchase building inspection will help you avoid being in such a life-threatening situation as it pinpoints the weakness of the structure.


Additionally, the inspection job will also help determine whether or not the property complies with proper building codes and standards. If it doesn’t comply with the required standards, don't sign on the dotted line yet!


2. Determines Repairs And Related Cost


When you consider a pre-purchase inspection, you get a rough idea about the necessary repairs and their cost. 

To save money, buyers often purchase properties that require repair. 


However, without a pre-purchase building inspection, you will end up spending thousands of dollars for repairs. 


A pre-purchase building inspection will help you understand the types of repairs required pertaining to the building codes and standard. 


By doing so, you will be able to decide on a comprehensive budget for required repairs. 


3. Helps Identify Wiring Issues


A home with faulty electrical wiring is susceptible to life risk. Faulty wiring issues are a major danger to your family and you wouldn't want to put their lives at stake. 


A pre-purchase building inspection will help you identify the potential electrical wiring issues and can be avoided. 

Since electrical wiring can set a fire, consider installing a smoke alarm. 


Investing in pre-purchase building inspection will help you avoid injuries during a fire.


4. Help Locate The Unsafe Areas


Buying a well-equipped property means ensuring the safety and well-being of your family. 


A pre-purchase building inspection will help you locate the unsafe areas at the home which could cause potential harm to your family. 


A building and pest inspection in Perth could also help discover any pest infection in the property.


At Inspectw, we ensure you receive high quality and professional building inspection in Perth WA. With our building inspection services, you can buy your dream home with complete confidence! Contact us or book online for your pre-purchase inspection today!