• After months of back and forth of house-hunting and attending open houses, you finally found your dream home. Already imagining the beautiful future with your family, you don't think twice before signing the dotted line and sealing the deal. You have moved in with your family and started with the unpacking job.

  • Buying a home embarks on a journey of making your dream come true. It is such an experience that starts evolving and unfolding from the moment you make the decision of buying a home until the point of selling it or passing it on to your next family legacy. From house-hunting to due diligence and from identifying the best builder to carrying out maintenance-related tasks, buying a home is a lifelong experience having multiple components.

  • The finish on the barge board is incomplete with two issues. 


    1. The wooden facia (Barge board) has been left raw unfinished, this will rot in due course and will cause significant damage if leftf untouched.


    2. The edge of the finished roof tiles are left exposed to the elements which includes the internal parts of the roofing.


    A major functional benefit of bargeboards is that they will keep your roof lining dry and free of any gaps or holes around the edges of your roofing.

    The main benefit of adding bargeboards to your property is for aesthetic purposes, however, adding a great look and character to the roofline of the property.

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