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Inspector West Building Inspector: Property Inspection In Perth


Buying a home or any property is a major investment! As such, there are a lot of important decisions that need to be made behind the scenes. As a professional property inspection company in the Perth area, Inspector West’s Home Inspection is dedicated to providing personalised, high-quality, and affordable pre purchase building inspection services to anyone. Our goal is simple: to identify any potential issues with your new home and solve them before they become your problems.


A thorough property inspection will save you on costly repairs, maintain safety, and ensure that everything is settled when you move in. As one of Perth’s most trusted property inspection companies, we believe in inspecting your home like it was our own. All our inspectors are licensed and insured with years of experience in the business. We make our reports easy to read and understand and deliver them to you within 24 hours after our inspection. All of this is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed purchasing decision.


Why Is Pre-Purchase Property Inspection So Important?


After 30 years of experience as a builder and property inspector in Perth, here are 3 of the biggest reasons why we always recommend investigating any property:


● To avoid health risks to the future occupants

● Reduce the potential of accidents

● Compliance with local building regulations


Addressing all these issues is crucial not only to the well-being of the property’s future occupants but also for the structural integrity and lifespan of the building itself.


    Our Services


    Our Property Inspection Services

    Building Inspection


    If you’re looking for the best price on a property, pre-sale and pre-purchase building inspection is key. We’ll be looking for building defects, signs of pest infestation, and other potential issues with your property so you have all the information before your sale or purchase.



    Dilapidation Reports


    Dilapidation reports (also known as pre-construction inspections or property condition reports) itemise and photograph the existing condition of your property before construction work nearby begins.


    This documentation allows you to check if a nearby project has negatively affected your property after it’s been finished.

    Commercial Site Inspections


    Commercial properties have special considerations that residential buildings don’t have. Every property inspector we have in Perth is trained in commercial pre-purchase building inspections to ensure that your potential business site is thoroughly vetted before you buy.



    Practical Completion Inspections (PCI)


    To ensure that your property is up to par before the handover, conducting a Practical Completion Inspection is non-negotiable. We make sure that your home fulfils the legal obligations required to make it habitable and identify and solve any issues before you complete the sale.

    Maintenance Inspections


    Regularly having your property inspected and maintained is the key to avoiding costly repairs. We handle every part of maintenance and repair, from annual reports to identification of potential issues.

    Why choose us

    At Inspector West, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of property inspection in Perth.

    Qualified And Insured


    We train and certify all of our inspectors and staff in all areas of the property inspection. When we inspect your property, you can rest easy knowing that we’re using the strictest standards you can find in the home inspection industry.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed


    Our commitment to quality service and close customer relationships means that we always make every inspection relevant and insightful to our clients. We bring this commitment to every property inspection in Perth, with glowing reviews from other customers.

    Experienced And Thorough


    With 30 years of experience in construction and property inspection, we pride ourselves on being thorough. We’ll get the work done quickly and supply you with a verbal briefing and a detailed home inspection report in an easy-to-understand format.

    Thorough Home Inspections


    So, if you’re looking for a property inspector in Perth, look no further than us. Get in touch with us today, or book online now to set up a consultation!

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