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For the peace of mind you need when you buy your new home.

We perform Pre-Purchase and building inspections in Perth and peel regions. All are carried out an an expert Builder and qualified Building Inspector in accordance with Appendix C of AS4349.1-2007


Property Inspection in Perth

Property inspector

Inspector West Building Inspections has been providing prospective real estate buyers with informative and comprehensive property inspection services in Perth with 30 years of construction knowledge.


Are you planning to purchase a property in Perth? You must consider property inspection!


Property inspection is one of the critical steps of the buying process. Prospective real estate buyers considering property inspection can ensure the interested property doesn't have any hidden surprises that may require costly repairs in the future. Property sellers can identify and correct any structural defects that may affect the promising deal or selling price finalised with the prospective buyer. A property inspection can discover common structural defects and benefit both prospective buyers and sellers.


With 30+ years of experience and vast knowledge, our experienced property inspectors will provide you with a complete real estate inspection and informative report. Our property inspection allows you to make an informed decision on the property and buy with confidence.


Inspector West Building Inspections are a Member of Master Inspector Association Australia and a Member of Forensic Engineering Society of Australia (FESA). We are a licensed property inspection company offering comprehensive and affordable property inspection in Perth. Our property inspectors in Perth have years of experience performing property inspections. You can rest assured that your property inspection reports will be carried out in accordance with Appendix C of AS4349.1-2007.

Trusted Property Inspection in Perth


Buying a new property is considered one of the biggest investment decisions in anyone's life. The buying process can be enjoyable yet challenging, especially if any unexpected issue arises and things do not go according to plan. One of the common mistakes that prospective property buyers often make is not considering a thorough property inspection. Despite the costs involved for a property inspection, prospective buyers should consider the service before finalising the deal.


Most sellers will not disclose structural damage or hire a property inspector to assess the condition of their home/building. As a result, the responsibility for repairing structural defects will be borne by the buyer soon after closing the deal. One can easily avoid such a mistake by considering property inspection from the beginning of the buying process.


Being in the industry for more than three decades, we have assisted thousands of property buyers from experiencing hidden surprises in the future. We provide an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the interested property. Our comprehensive house inspection report outlines the areas of concern and allows you to identify defects that require immediate attention.


Property inspection
Property inspection perth

What Is Included In Our Property Inspection?


Our licensed and professional property inspector in Perth will arrange a suitable time for the inspection and start to inspect the property. They can also perform a thorough building and pest inspection of the property. Our property inspectors will look for issues such as:


● Evidence of pest activities or damage.

● Structural defects and damages

● Interior plumbing and electrical provisions

● Checking heating and central air conditioning system

● Roof condition and potential damages

and more.


Searching for a Reliable Property or Building Inspection Service? Call Inspector West Building Inspections on 1300 080 554!

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